On TCB’s Player

Check them out at www.myspace.com/takecountryback2008

We have one more spot left on the player for next week. If you’d like your song considered for that slot or future inclusion please send an mp3 to takecountryback@gmail.com for consideration.  

Doug Lang – Troubadour Prairie born, Vancouver Canada resident singer/songwriter Doug Lang is indeed a rare gem that needs to be heard by the masses. TCB’s been impressed with every single song to come from this artist – such wealth of songwriting riches is rare.

Mike Runnels – Just Kiss Me Again A perinneal favorite of TCB, Austin honkytonker Mike Runnels consistently charts in the overseas market where it can be safely argued that the politics of the music business are less likely to get in the way of good music.

Gareth Rowan – Black Candle Gareth takes a slight turn from his usual honkytonkin’ fare of his UK based band “Too Country” to explore the breadth of his talent with this self penned tune. Mesmerizing.

Jack and the Jillted – Round and Round Jacque Judy, formally of the Hoyle Brothers, has set up shop in Austin, Texas but his music hasn’t missed a beat. It’s still quality, still entertaining and always well worth the time to listen. Catch this band live if you get the chance in and around A-Town.

Lauren Adams – Smart Girl I was hooked on “Smart Girl” the first time I heard it and it hasn’t worn thin. Lauren Adams writes real songs for real people wrapped in melodies that promise to capture, inspire and pull the listener in again and again. 

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