Free MP3 from the upcoming Waylon Jennings’ Posthumous Album: Waylon Forever

Free MP3: Waylon Jennings: Outlaw Shit
(courtesy of Vagrant Records and Take Country Back)


On October 21, Grammy Award Winner and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Waylon Jennings’ final recording Waylon Forever will be released on Vagrant Records. The eight-song collection of cover songs and originals feature the vocals of Waylon Jennings backed by his son Shooter Jennings and the .357’s. 

The inception of Waylon Forever began in 1995 when Waylon asked Shooter to collaborate on an album with him. “I’d been playing my dad the music I was inspired by at the time,” Shooter explains. “Whether it was Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Pink Floyd or Cream he really enjoyed being apart of my musical journey. It was then he suggested we do an album together.” Of the recording process Shooter states, “He was always so creative and inspired by new musical directions and this was my first real album to put together. I buried myself in the studio for weeks constructing the tracks. With 20 or so songs we went into the studio to cut vocals and overdubs. He was so excited for us doing a record together, constantly pushing himself and coming up with new ideas. I was so nervous but he was calm as a gunslinger.” Final recording sessions for the album began in 2006 after Shooter transferred the original tapes to pro tools. Shooter then brought the .357’s into the studio in Los Angeles to cut tracks to his father’s vocals and complete the record. “The tracks I originally made were a little young and messy, but they were still really wild. Now I feel like I been given the chance to take my years of experience and match them to his,” confesses Shooter. “Either way, we did it and we now have a record that reflects his huge creative drive and the boundlessness of his own artistic mind. Waylon forever!”

Waylon Jennings’ career spanned for more than 40 years. During his lifetime he released over 50 studio albums which generated 16 number one singles and four Country Music Awards. In 1978 Jennings was awarded a Grammy for the song “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys” and in 2001 he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. In September 2007 Shooter Jennings made his Grand Ole Opry debut highlighting songs from his most recent album The Wolf, which USA Today described as “…Southern-rock stomps, Cajun shuffles and mariachi waltzes.”

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