Back Porch Mary – Celebrating their 4th Album Release

Nashville-October 7, 2008-TIME OF THE BROKEN HEART is irrefutably the finest work to date by Austin based troubadours BACK PORCH MARY. The record was released earlier this year on Smith Entertainment Records and marks the 4th release by a band that has been able to ride the back of the independent music business like world champion bull riders. From small town life in rural farming communities to big time know-how as a do-it-yourself travelin’ band, ain’t nobody can “Sing You A Song” with blue-collar bluster like BACK PORCH MARY. Already off to an impressive start, the record spent over a month on the Americana Chart Top 40, and the single (“Sing You A Song’) spent a lengthy 5 ½ months on the Texas Music Chart’s Top 40. Bob Mitchell, Vice President of Promotions at Smith Music Group, is eager for the new single release “Harsh Light Of Day” in November. The ex-rated version will be available on iTunes. “One of the things I embrace working in this scene is that I don’t categorize anything. Music is either good or it’s bad. Back Porch Mary is good. Really good. I love their sound. I am very proud we have them with us at Smith.”

Back Porch Mary has all the symptoms of a full-blown case of the American Dream. The itch started with lead singer, Mike, at age 15 when he heard his first Guns N’ Roses record and the aching need to shape the most feral power-tonk band quickly spread to Slim (lead guitar, mandolin, percussion) and Joe Miller (electric and upright bass) when they all met up in Austin. Switching out drummers for the fist several years until nesting down with Texas native Ryan Kyle, the band immediately dedicated them selves to sweating out long hours on the highway in pursuit of any gig they could get and coughing up rock n’ roll ditties by the handfuls laced with Punk, Country and Bluegrass. While not washing their hands of the sometimes frustrating independent stride in lure of hunting down a major label deal, the grit and grime of this working man’s band has created a rabid fan base that just can’t seem to get enough. Case in point: combined sales to date total in the neighborhood of 50,000 copies, and it doesn’t stop there. The band has played all across the US sharing stages with major acts like Fuel, John Michael Montgomery, Ted Nugent, Reverend Horton Heat, Jason and Scorchers, Cross Canadian Ragweed and Reckless Kelly. They even contributed four songs and appeared in a major independent picture. And while most Indy bands would have a hard time stomaching endless schedules of traveling, playing and recording, BPM eats it up and always has room for plenty more. Mike sums it up, “We’re too stupid to quit.”

TIME OF THE BROKEN HEART kicks off with “This Band,” a tongue-in-cheek rock infused mantra about the realities of a travelin’ band and continues to deliver that lip raising rock throughout with tracks like “Far Far Away” and “Carpe Diem.” The power-tonk fix that comes on like adrenaline filled nerves is ever present in “I Won’t Look Back At You” and “Other End Of The Road.” The key element that sets BPM apart from the thicket is Mike’s vocal delivery that matches perfectly with his writing style. The songs are laden with blood, sweat and tear lyrics, and his voice can sting like the harsh blows of life and is most of the time as equally unsympathetic. But there is something sincere and even comforting about it; a confidence of getting back up and walking it off as best you can. “Harsh Light Of Day” hits that nail on the head, a soberly crafted ballad perfect for your next come to Jesus meeting. “I’m To Blame” shoots straight from the hip and directly to the heart in a steady pace of walking around, taking survey of a relationship’s demise, and paying homage to the ghosts of the past. The record would not be complete without “On Her Heart,” a dark dance on the sharp blade of betrayal, this time there is no happy ending. Produced by the band’s own Slim, whatever your music sickness, this record will cure what ails ya’!

TIME OF THE BROKEN HEART is available at national retailers everywhere, and online and at your favorite web and download sites. For tour date information, photos and other BPM goodies check out

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  1. I’m just Glad Marchi Finally took one home after coming in 2nd place for so long.

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