Austin based Lucas Hudgins Releases New Album

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Texas Jamboree Records in affiliation with CHEAPO Records Presents the release of, The World Left is Mine (TJCS6902), 2008 follow up Recording by Austin born and bred Lucas Hudgins. Produced By Austin great David Leroy Biller, and featuring the songs of Hudgins and Chris Miller (of Dave Alvin and the Guilty men). Musicians on the record include Willie Pipkin, David Sanger, Buck Johnson, Phoebe Hunt, Dennis Ludiker, Brian Beken, David Biller, Chris Miller, Ben Massey, and Lucas Hudgins. Recorded at the NEST studio Austin TX by engineer J.T Holt (2007). This is a great strait-up Country record you’ve got to hear.

The World left is Mine is now available at CHEAPO and Waterloo Records in Austin TX under Texas Artists or online at

for upcoming schedule and info:

I donʼt like to call it classic country because that makes it sound like its gone, and it ainʼt gone. We just need to give all of the people who still love this music, a voice in what country music REALLY is” -Lucas Hudgins

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