“Songs of Wood and Steel” by Los Cenzontles and David Hidalgo in stores now – special guests include Linda Ronstadt, The Estrada Brothers, Pete Sears and Julian Gonzalez

(Los Angeles, CA – Tuesday October 21, 2008) – Los Cenzontles released their latest album “Songs of Wood and Steel” with the special collaboration of David Hidalgo from Los Lobos. The album has a very contemporary sound as it merges rock and blues meticulously with traditional Mexican music.


“Songs of Wood and Steel” is the seventeenth album  from   Los Cenzontles, which was co-produced by David Hidalgo who also sings, plays keyboards, electric guitar and traditional musical instruments as the guiro and guitarron jarocho. Other special guest include: Linda Ronstadt who sings “El Chubasco”, The Estrada Brothers on “Crei”, Julian Gonzalez on the song “Son de las Olas” and Pete Sears on “Red River Road”.


When asked about Los Cenzontles commitment to keeping Mexican musical traditions alive, Hildalgo said,   “What they are doing is beautiful for the community and it’s out of love and respect for the culture and the legacy of the music. It is really important and I am happy to do whatever I can to keep it going.”


The album includes 14 songs, which were recorded in Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center in February of this year.



1.     Mi Único Camino

2.     El Chubasco (with Linda Ronstadt)

3.     El Chivo

4.     Red River Road part One (with Peter Sears)

5.     Naninan Upirin

6.     Howling Moon

7.     Cien Años

8.     Quaking Giant

9.     Son de las Olas (with Julián González)

10.                        La Tragedia de Rosita

11.                        Las Ciudades

12.                        Creí (with The Estrada Brothers)

13.                        Volando en los Cafetales

14.                        Ojitos Negros


Los Cenzonltes will be touring several cities in the state of California were will perform songs of the new album.


October 25                 Fandango Jarocho, San Pablo CA

November 1               Day of the Dead, Hollywood CA

November 5               Knitting Factory (with David Hidalgo), Hollywood CA

November 12             Yoshis Oakland (with David Hidalgo), Oakland CA


More About Los Cenzontles: The Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center was founded in 1989 by Rodriguez, and provides training and performing opportunities in traditional Mexican roots music for singers, instrumentalists and dancers ages l0-25.  The touring group has recorded more than l7 cds, 2 of which were on famed folk label Arhoolie Records, and toured throughout the US and Mexico.  Los Cenzontles first met Hidalgo in 1994 when Rodriguez produced Papa’s Dream, the Grammy winning children’s album by Los Lobos, on which the group performed.   They also performed on the Los Lobos Kiko and the Lavender Moon tours in 2005-2006.


For more information on Los Cenzontles, please visit: www.myspace.com/themockingbirds or www.loscenzontles.com

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