Duane Jarvis in hospice after cancer battle

From LA Times:

Duane Jarvis, a longtime member of the L.A. roots/alt-country scene who has played with Lucinda Williams, John Prine, Dwight Yoakam, Dave Alvin and others as well as releasing several albums of his own, has entered hospice care following a 16-month fight with colon cancer.

“It’s been a tough fight, but Duane has faced it with tremendous grace, never losing his sense of humor or his positive outlook on life,” his brother Kevin wrote in a note sent to family members, friends and fans. “His music has kept him going, and us entertained. In the past five months alone Duane has endured two major surgeries, three rounds of chemo, numerous trips to the ER, and many weeks in the hospital.

“Unfortunately, Duane’s cancer has now reached terminal status and he will no longer be seeking curative treatment,” Kevin Jarvis wrote. “He has recently moved into an apartment near his beloved ocean in Marina Del Rey where he is under the care of loved ones and Providence TrinityCare Hospice.”

A fund has been established to help with the cost of the treatment and emergency room visits, as well as other expenses the musician has incurred. Donations may be sent to the Pray for Tomorrow Fund, 2554 Lincoln Blvd., No. 1010, Venice, CA 90291.

“The love surrounding Duane grows stronger with each contribution, good wish, prayer, song,” his brother added, “and Duane is grateful beyond words.”

— Randy Lewis

One Response to “Duane Jarvis in hospice after cancer battle”

  1. Holy cow. I simply can’t believe this. I only discovered Duane’s solo music a couple of years ago via Pandora. I knew nothing new had been released recently & wondered when he might re-surface. I am floored by the news that he was off radar because of this awful disease. Thanks Roots for letting us know. I’ll definitely have Duane & his family in my thoughts.

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