Take That Billy Bob!

I suppose most of you have heard the ruckus Billy Bob Thornton caused during an interview in Canada this past week. If you haven’t — well take a peek at an adult temper tantrum in action:

Well more than a few people weren’t impressed with his antics but one person in particular, singer-songwriter Nathan Bell put into a format we can all relate to. Take a listen to his stellar and truthful Ballad of Billy Bob Thornton. Someone buy this guy a beer  — better yet, hire him to play your next house concert.  www.myspace.com/nathanbellmusic

2 Responses to “Take That Billy Bob!”

  1. I love Nathan Bell’s song. Is Mr. Ego Bob Thornton paranoid? He kept saying he didn’t know what the interviewer meant. He was asking pretty simple questions. Ego Bob definitely owes the interviewer an apology. Did anyone else think the rest of the band looked like they had endured these temperamental outbursts before?

  2. I thought Nathan’s song was great… it will be nice to see if Mr. Smug, Cool guy has the balls to apologize. I doubt it. However maybe some one will “instruct” him to do just for the sake of his own career … I heard the group had to cancel the rest of their Canadian tour due to an outbreak of the flu…..

    I think there is a certain irony regarding the whole incident and Mr. Billy Bob’s arrogrnce and tha is that Jian Ghomeshi (of Iranian heritage) born in London, England, and raised inl, Ontario is a Canadian broadcaster, writer and a musician who was part of a well know band known as Moxy Früvous and recorded seven albums from 1990 through 2000. Maybe If Billy Bob had know he was interviewing with a brother musician he might have been a little more polite…. ya think?

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