Ferlin Husky hospitalized

AP: Country singer Ferlin Husky has been hospitalized with congestive heart failure and pneumonia, according to his record company.

Husky, 83, was in stable condition Sunday after being admitted to St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Mo., on Friday, according to Tracy Pitcox, president of Heart of Texas Records.
Pitcox told The Associated Press that Husky had been on tour in Texas as recently as two weeks ago. He said the singer and onetime movie star has homes in Vienna, Mo., and Nashville, Tenn.
He says Husky’s close friend and touring partner, Leona Williams, is by his bedside.
Husky was country music’s top entertainer in the early 1960s with hits like “Wings of a Dove” and “Gone.” His latest album, released in 2007, is called “The Way It Was,” Pitcox said.

One Response to “Ferlin Husky hospitalized”

  1. Dear Mr. Husky, went to your performance in Brown County Indiana in
    1954. It was held in the old Brown County High School auditorium.
    A car load of us guys from Martinsville High School went because
    we wanted to see you and a guy we knew by the name of Benny
    Toons who played in your band that night. What a great performance
    you and your side kick “Simon Crumb” gave that night. I’ve been
    a fan of yours every since. Thanks for the memory and for being a
    great entertainer.

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