Roots Rock and Rockabilly Playlists on MySpace for June 9 2009

You can listen to the playlists by visiting our myspace page ( or by clicking on the links below. Stay tuned tomorrow for more great indie music that deserves a listen!

Roots Rock:

“The Gun Song” by The Hangdogs
“Greetings From Nashville” by Jason & the Scorchers
“Dead In A Ditch” Opie Hendrix & The Texas Tallboys
“Rocket From The Crypt” by Dead Rock West
“Wanna Rock & Roll” by Ray Wylie Hubbard
“Different Groove” by Adam Hood
“Stuck On The Corner” by Todd Snider
“Nobody From Nowhere” by Daddy
“One & Only” by Shawn Sahm
“Let Me Down Hard” by John Eddie
“One False Move” by Dustin Welch
“My Widow” by Orbo & the Longshots
“Black Heart” by Dave Owens
“Hang Dog” by Drag The River
“Ghost of Rock & Roll” by Matthew Grimm & the Red Smear


“Flatland Boogie” by Wayne Hancock
“Thru Dreamin’ ” by Big Sandy & his Fly-Rite Boys
“My Baby’s Gone” by Marti Brom
“Flatland Saturday Night” by Sean Mencher
“Bad Baby” by Gene Casey & the Lone Sharks
“Stole My Heart From Me” by Riptide
“Three Little Words” by Miss Lauren Marie
“Put The Blame On Me” by Handsome Ned
“Deep River” by Deke Dickerson
“Slow Down Baby” by High Noon
“Ohh He’s Fine” by Little Rachel
“The List” by Shaun Young
“Tennessee Saturday Night” by Bo Porter
“Ain’t Got A Thing” by Sonny Burgess & the Legendary Pacers
“Riot In Cellblock 9” by Wanda Jackson

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