Austin Lounge Lizards – Too Big To Fail

AUSTIN, Texas – Folk-rock-bluegrass-country quintet Austin Lounge Lizards, known for its snarky, satirical lyrics that spotlight and perforate and its awesome instrumental prowess, released today “Too Big To Fail,” a video single that takes on excesses of the new Gilded Age.

As usual, the Lizards are always topical. Just this weekend in the New York Times, columnist Gretchen Morgenson asked: “Too Big to Fail, or Too Big to Handle?” (

The “Too Big To Fail” video was produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Steven Mims (, who was also responsible for capturing for posterity the Lizards’ 20th anniversary celebratory DVD, LIZARDS TIMES TWENTY, in 2000.

“Too Big to Fail,”
by Lindsey Eck, is from an upcoming album by the Lizards, whose all-boy band has been joined by two equally witty women. The group’s version of Irving Berlin’s “(I’ll See You in) C-U-B-A,” the Prohibition-era up-tempo tribute to the luxuries of the island nation from its 1991 live album, LIZARD VISION, was featured in Michael Moore’s 2007 “Sicko,” as a flotilla of ailing 9-11 workers seeks medical treatment in Cuba.

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