MySpace Roots Rock/Rockabilly Playlist for Jun 23 2009

You can listen to the playlist by visiting our myspace page ( or by clicking on the link below. Stay tuned tomorrow for more great indie music that deserves a listen!

Roots Rock:

What Went Down by Frog Holler
Hard Times by the Bottle Rockets
West Wind by Outside The Box
Saturnalia by Hello Dave
Wasn’t Yesterday by Honeyloaf
I’m Sorry Caroline by Firecracker
One Track Mind by The Irish Brothers
She Is Leaving by the Superuckers
I’ll Follow You by Oakley Hall
Twilight by Micky & the Motorcars
Heart On My Sleeve by The Band of Heathens
Cause by Joe D’Urso & Stone Caravan
Thin Line by Noelle Hampton
Outside The Lines by Tom Gillams Tractor Pull
Streets of Atlanta by Mother Trucker



Prison Love Songs by the Blaggards
The Curse by Devil Doll
Rumble In Brighton by Dead Men Walking
Don’t Bye Bye Baby Me by Eddie Cochran
Roswell Boogie Woogie by Little Ace & the Rhythmtones
Fire It Up by Eve Hell and the Razors
Fire It Up by the Cathouse Thumpers
I Can Hear You Talking by Honeyloaf
You Should Be Walkin’ by The Rockabilly Strangers
But You Still Left Me by The Rhythm Shakers
Gone So Long by The West Side Winders
Built Like A Rock by Rocky Velvet
Hangover Road Trip by The Smokin’ 45s
We Used To Fuss by Two Hoots and a Holler

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