Bob Wills Radio to launch July 4 2009

Bob Wills Radio” a weekly updated pod cast from will be launched at noon on July 4th, 2009, featuring historical interviews of former Texas Playboys and  contemporary artists influenced by Bob Wills. The interviews will include recordings from the respective artists and is a venture that Dwight Adair, owner of and longtime friend of the Wills family says, “is a free, weekly tribute to the music and legacy of Bob Wills, a fun-filled half-hour show without commercial interruption, available world wide 24 hrs. a day.”

Bob Wills Radio is sponsored by , the Official Site of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, and The Broken Spoke, , Austin’s premiere honky tonk, that booked Bob Wills for multiple dates in the mid 1960’s.  James White, owner of The Broken Spoke, remembers the thrill of seeing Bob Wills perform in his own club, and says he feels Bob Wills Radio “is a wonderful opportunity for fans world wide” and “is a way we can continue The Broken Spoke’s history of presenting legendary Texas music to all Country fans.”

Mr. Adair, who has one of the world’s largest collections of Bob Wills memorabilia and recordings, says, “In the Bob Wills era, performances and personal charisma on daily noon radio broadcasts were how bands advertised their weekend dances, where they made the bulk of their income. When we discovered that our community base for visited the website in the greatest numbers at noon everyday, the idea for Bob Wills Radio was born.”

Bob Wills Radio is wholly owned by , headquartered in Austin, Texas.  Mr. Adair wholly owns .

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