MySpace Roots Folk Playlist for Jul 1 2009

You can listen to the playlist by visiting our myspace page ( or by clicking on the link below. Stay tuned tomorrow for more great indie music that deserves a listen!

*at this point, thanks to the powers that be in 3 piece suits, the playlists are only accessible to US readers. We are working on a solution to assist independent artists in getting their music heard internationally…hang tight. In the meantime – check out the names of the these artists individually if you have the time – you won’t be disappointed.


You Don’t Love Me Anymore by Lynn Miles
How Could Anybody by Munzberger
When The Devil’s Loose by AA Bondy
Old Wounds by Sarah McCully
Who Wouldn’t Love You by Danny White
Twelve by Seven Nations
Madalynn by Bob Burger
Slowing Down For The Silence by Katie Reider Band
Silver Meteor by Doug Kwartler
This House by The Figs!
The Actor by John Allen
Swansong by Kristy Hanson
Come Closer by Porterdavis
Going Home by Runrig
Odele by Jennings and Keller

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