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My Favorite Indie Record Label…

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Seems there are indie record labels set up on every street corner these days, so what makes Palo Duro Records stand out to us here at TCB?

 1. Roster Their list of artists reads like a who’s who in the independent music world of Texas: Walt Wilkins, Dale Watson, Ed Burelson, The Derailers, Tommy Alverson, Eleven Hundred Springs, Two Tons of Steel and much more! They’ve also stepped outside of the box with their stellar multi-artist release: Luckenbach! Compadres! Songs of Luckenbach, Texas

2. Artist Support and Promotion Signing an artist to your label is the tip of the iceberg. What you do after the fact is what really matters. Too many labels leave their artists and their albums sitting stagnant but not on Palo Duro. They seem to pull out all the stops and give them maximum exposure through hiring top notch publicity agencies to doing the leg work themselves and making as many positive connections as they can. We know here at TCB that they are always only an email away and are quick to respond.

3. Support of the Indie Music Scene But more than anything what makes this label stand out above their rest is their obvious love for good music, they’re willingness to work with everyone they can to make a viable and productive indie music scene for every artist and every label.  When the webcasting royalty rate fiasco was first making headlines it was the good folks at Palo Duro that stood up and made their voices heard without taking a quick look around first to see what the p/c industry stand was….

At TCB we believe strongly in supporting those who support the music and independent artists so we encourage you to keep Palo Duro on your radar.

There are a multitude of ways to keep up with this small, but mighty label.

Official Website:


WordPress Blog: 

Online photo album of label events and artists:

New Releases from Palo Duro!

7/24 – Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros, Diamonds in the Sun

7/31 – The Derailers, Under the Influence of Buck

8/14 – Ed Burleson, My Perfect World (Revisited) & The Cold Hard Truth

10/2 – Tommy Alverson, Country to the Bone

10/30 – Miles from Nowhere, Bloodline

Digital Releases

7/17 – Dale Watson, People I’ve Known, Places I’ve Been

7/24 – Walt Wilkins, Rivertown

7/24 – Walt Wilkins, Mustang Island