Wished that your personal plans last weekend had included Bonnaroo?

Well – they can this weekend:

Wish you could’ve experienced Bonnaroo 2009 in person? Well, in just a few short days, Fuse TV is ensuring that you can catch all of the highlights from this year’s musical extravaganza from the comfort of your air conditioned home! This Saturday, June 20th, Fuse will be showing exclusive footage from the BEST performances from last weekend, including: COHEED AND CAMBRIA, BEASTIE BOYS, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, PHISH, SNOOP DOGG and the YEAH YEAH YEAH’S!!

While you count down to June 20th, remember to check out Fuse’s “Tweetaroo- Mashing Twitter and Music Since 2009” online music news source to get the dirt and inside scoop on Bonnaroo STRAIGHT from all of the artist’s that just performed at the legendary festival: http://fusefest.fuse.tv/

Don’t miss out on your second chance to experience Bonnaroo ‘09 and watch your favorite artists perform – as if you were there! Be sure to tune-in to Fuse TV THIS SATURDAY, June 20th @ 9pm/8c to catch Fuse Fest:  Bonnaroo 2009! All additional information about the special can be found here: http://fuse.tv/tours/bonnaroo-09/

TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBCrNVCYe-A

For more Bonnaroo ‘09 information like trailers, photos and downloads, head here:http://fuse.tv/tours/bonnaroo/

*Fuse national carriers: DirecTV channel 339 and DISH Network channel 158.

Or, to find Fuse TV in your area, click here: http://fuse.tv/channelfinder.html

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