Play Guitar? In Texas Aug 23? Luckenbach is the place to be…

We need 2,000 Guitar Players/Pickers to join together August 23rd in Luckenbach, Texas to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the LARGEST GUITAR ENSEMBLE! The current record is held by the country of Germany with 1,802 guitarists…..COME ON OUT TO LUCKENBACH TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT AND GIVE TEXAS THE TITLE!!!

Hosted By:
Voices of a Grateful Nation

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Luckenbach, Texas

“Pickin’ For The Record” Register NOW at: This is a great event and a unique opportunity for guitarists from all walks of life…..from experts/legends to students/beginners….from tall to short….from young to old. If you can play the guitar…..DO COME TO LUCKENBACH ON 8/23/09 AND COME TO PLAY. Two songs have been chosen for the event: “Back to the Basics of Love (Let’s go to Luckenbach Texas)”, originally record by the late, great Waylon Jennings and “This Land is Your Land”, a classic American song, written by the folk legend, Woody Guthrie. We want anyone and EVERYONE to join us in Luckenbach to attempt to break the WORLD RECORD!! Sign up early at the Voices of a Grateful Nation website (see above). The registration fee of $10.00 will go into an endowment fund to provide assistance and therapy to our returning military suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). A GREAT EVENT AND FOR A GREAT CAUSE!

One Response to “Play Guitar? In Texas Aug 23? Luckenbach is the place to be…”

  1. Wonder how many of you know that Nicole Kidman bought this guitar for her husband Keith Urban and it was an inspiration on his new album.

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