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The Gloves Are Off

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NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Washington, DC, United States, 04/29/2007 – SoundExchange has released a series of false statements to destroy the credibility of SaveNetRadio Coalition and the Internet Radio Equality Act. ThereIsNoRadio is a small webcaster that will be permanently silenced if this bill does not become law.


A new bill has been proposed this week called the “Internet Radio Equality Act” (HR2060). This bill would allow webcasters to pay rates similar (7.5% revenue) to what satellite radio pays now, but a much lower rate than the Copyright Royalty Board recommended on March 2, 2007 for internet radio.

SoundExchange’s press release in reaction to this bill proposal is riddled with propaganda and false statements. Their headlines scream “Internet Radio Bill Would Strip Artist Payments” and “Musicians Would Pay Mega-Corporations”. It states that “This legislation, if passed, would come at the expense of hard-working artists, who, on average, received just $360 each in royalties from webcasting in 2006.”This bill would put at risk the very artists that webcasters purport to care about,” said Simson.”

If SoundExchange truly cares about the artists, then one would have to ask why they take 50% of the royalty payment immediately. After SoundExchange gets half, the remaining 50% is divided as 45% between the record label, the featured artist, and the remaining 5% going to the session musicians on the recording. It certainly appears that SoundExchange is getting a higher percentage of the royalties from the artists work than the artist. SoundExchange also has the right to keep any royalty payments that are unclaimed after three years. The artists are not only responsible for requesting their payments, in several instances they have had to take legal action to force SoundExchange to pay them. Many artists claim to have never received a royalty payment from SoundExchange. Who did you say was exploiting the work of these artists again Mr. Simson?

John Simson said, “The idea that this bill would help small webcasters or artists is ludicrous since less than 2 percent of all royalty payments in 2006 came from small webcasters.” In March, John Simson also said to the Washington Post, “Is 10,000 stations the right number?” “Does having so many Web stations disperse the market so much that it hurts the artist? What’s the right number of stations? Is it 5,000? Is it less? Are artists better off having hundreds of listeners on lots of little stations, or thousands of listeners on larger stations?” Simson pretends to care about the small webcaster, but these statements prove that SoundExchange has no issues at all with driving the small webcaster out of business. Simson might as well be asking how many people are necessary on the planet.

Simson also says in the press release, “Because the bill is so heavily favored to enrich the big webcasters, it raises questions as to who is really behind the SaveNetRadio Coalition.”. Here SoundExchange plays to the anti-business sentiment by indicating that SaveNetRadio is run only by large corporations and small webcasters are no part of it, which is a blatant lie on his part. “Although this coalition purports to be on the side of musicians, they have come out in support of this anti-artist bill. SoundExchange has reached out to various webcasters to explore ways to accommodate their needs.”

The SaveNetRadio Coalition was started by thousands of small webcasters like me who have done the math and quickly discovered that they cannot afford to continue to broadcast under the CRB royalty rate proposal. We banded together to fight against this proposal and the “Internet Radio Equality Act” is the fruit of those efforts. We should be not be forced to pay excessive royalty rates simply because we are on the internet. Satellite radio pays less, AM and FM pay this royalty only for their internet simulcasts. This Bill, should it pass, will not just help small webcasters like me; it will mean the difference between staying on the air and shutting down completely. This bill will allow the talk shows on ThereIsNoRadio to continue to broadcast and interact live with their listeners. It will also allow us to continue to promote the local bands, independent artists, and the music that we feel is not represented by mainstream radio. The Internet Radio Equality Act for us is comparable to the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution providing freedom of speech. Without it, the unpaid voices of our talk show staff will be unfairly silenced.

RMA April Newsletter/ Support H.R. 2060 – The Internet Radio Equality Act

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Membership in the RMA is free

Roots Music Association

April 2007 Newsletter

Welcome to New Members

The RMA continues its rapid growth. We welcome our newest members and look forward to working with all of you to help roots music prosper!

Jim Pierce (Round Robin Productions), Roger Ryan (CMA – Ireland), Rhonnie Scheuerman (RhonBob Promotions), Donna L. Marsh (CMT),  Julie Taylor (Stardust Records), Bill Gamble (GoAmericana), Abe Zacharias, Jose Daniel, Melanie Marie Ridner, Judy Welden Ent., Paul & Helen Mateki, Dan Andrews, Nancy Cassidy, Rolf Hierath (Radio RheinWelle 92,5 FM), Erwin Schapendonk, Matt Texter (FadeGently), Jeff Sachs (Fiddleosophy Productions), Lester Ray Sears, Tommy Horton, Gary Phelps, Jerry Hunter, Curt Boykin – Coyote Collins (Citadel), John Casner, Kirk Creswell, Mala Patterson, Gary P. Prescott, Echota Records U.S.A., John Roths (KEOS 89.1FM Radio), Steve Larkman, Pete Daigle, Steve  Konz, Alice Stuart, Laurie Mills, Wayne Hockings (Cowboys and Outlaws Show), Veronica Buros-Kleinberg, Vicki Lee, Tom Smith, Krista Lamb (Anya Wilson Promotion & Publicity), Sandie Witbeck, Dave Kaspersin (Dynamic Recording Studios), Charlie Scott, Rick Nagle, Mike Belobradic (Cedar Trail Music), Robert Kelsey (Luna Booking),  Jeff Davidson (Earvolution Records), Michael Sbalchiero, Nathan Biehl (Broken Valley Roadshow), Christine Lofgren, Blue Sage Trio, Tammy Vice, WHUS, 91.7 “The Red Rooster Party”, Sean Ash (Left Coast Groove), James F. Curley, Ruth Tonachel, Shane Decker, Randy Howard, Michael Tcherkassky, Jessica Hughey, Steve Burton, Jeff Norwood,  Betsy Moore, Jake Penrod, Dj Irie Eyes Productions, Gary Luther, Mick Byrd (Time Out Records), Irene Tsobanakis, Melody Michael, Lawrence Miller, Ken Morris, Rick Jackofsky, Scott Kubala, Nate Sparks, Ned Brown, Gene Moreno, Leah Matanky (Great American Music Hall / Slim’s), Joni Compretta, Fred Wilhelms, Aireene Espiritu, Travis Adkinson, Dave Brooks, Amy England, Artist Development Co-Op, Ashlee Rose / TEG Records, Thea Hopkins, Hal Weiner, Jana Laven, Lowell Jewell, T-Roy & the OC Tremblers


The independent music community has suffered two significant losses since our last newsletter. The RMA extends its sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues on the unexpected passings of Buck Jones and Dave Avery.

Dave Avery was an early RMA member. The Dallas area broadcaster was an avid supporter of the independent
Texas music scene. His most recent broadcasting position was with KHYI 95.3, The Range. He was 36.

Buck Jones was on the verge of greatness when he was killed on the side of a
Texas highway when his car broke down on the way to his next gig on March 17th. He was 33 years old and left behind his wife Amy and his pride and joy, his seven month old son Walker Dylan.
A Memorial Fund has been set up to benefit Buck’s wife Amy Beth and their son Walker Dylan.

The Buck Jones Memorial Fund

c/o 5/3rd Bank of
Maryland Farms

5000 Maryland Way

Brentwood, TN

Or contact Scott Ewing at or 615-377-5384.

You may also send donations via PayPal.

The ID for donations is

Internet Radio Equality Act introduced

The RMA has been an active SaveNetRadio coalition partner since its inception to address the concerns of systemic inequity that will exist should the current CRB rates go into affect on May 15th, 2007. Other coalition partners include Accuradio/Kurt Hanson, Pandora, Live365, LoudCity and more.

Should the rates go unchallenged and unchanged the industry will see mass closure of internet broadcasting services overnight. The potential impact on the independent roots music industry could be devastating. Fortunately, via input from the SaveNetRadio coalition partners a bipartisan bill was introduced on the floor of Congress on April 26, 2007 by Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) and Rep. Donald Manzullo (R-Ill.).

The bill would annul the CRB decision and set royalty rates at 7.5% of webcaster revenues, the same rate paid by satellite radio providers. It would also change the rate-setting standard currently used by the CRB to determine Internet radio royalties to the same standard used for satellite radio, jukeboxes and sound recordings.

We encourage members to educate themselves on the proposed legislation by visiting and follow the instructions on the website with regards to making sure your voice is included. We need people to call their representatives and ask them to cosponsor the bill. ** Please ask them to support of  H.R. 2060 – The Internet Radio Equality Act

DiMA Executive Director, Jon Potter, whose organization assisted in providing the seed money for the coaltion efforts, had this to say about the introduction of the legislation: “This bill may be Internet radio’s last best hope. The Internet Radio Equality Act sets a new standard for setting royalty rates that will level the playing field for Internet radio, avoid unfair bankruptcies that eliminate royalties currently being paid to recording artists and record companies, and removes the unfair advantage enjoyed by our competitors in the satellite radio community.”

The proposed bill can be viewed in its entirety here:

Standing Committee Opportunities

As the RMA continues to grow by leaps and bounds its become necessary for the formation of standing committees to address and coordinate the association’s external policy and advocacy activities as well as manage the upcoming 2008 Conference and Music Festival. Members at large who are interested in sitting on either committee are encouraged to contact us at to put their name forward. Please indicate which committee you’d like to participate on.

Bluegrass Compilation CD

We have had some great music submitted for our first compilation CD. There is still time to have your project considered. Once again –here is the information:

Backwoods Edge Music Group in cooperation with the RMA is offering a compilation CD.

Consideration is open for all interested
Bluegrass artists/groups. This CD will be available to radio through Radio Submit and other venues.

All profits from the disc sales will go to participating artists and to Feed the Children.

How much will this cost? NOTHING!!! There is NO cost to the artist or label. BUT there is the catch……You must meet the following criteria to be considered:

 1. We discourage the use of electric instruments/drums but all bluegrass projects will be considered

 2. If you are signed to a label we must have clearance from them.

 3. All songs submitted must be registered with BMI. ASCAP ,SESAC or other similar agency.

 4. Publishing info must be included with your submission. Everyone gets there share on this one. (Public domain submissions are not required to submit this information)

 5. If you break any of the rules from 1 thru 4 you will not be considered for inclusion.

Submit your project to:

Roots Music Association

13501 Ranch Rd


Ste 103-

Texas 78676

** Please clearly mark the front of your envelope with the words RMA/BEMG Bluegrass Compilation Disc 

Other News

Radio Conference and Music Festival Plans are well underway for our inaugural conference! We are in the process of finalizing our location and we’ll be sending out a separate release once its confirmed. You can also keep an eye on for the latest information.

If you are interested in performing, sponsoring, attending or volunteering please contact us at the .

RMA Top 100 Chart A reminder to check out our RMA Top 100 cross-genre chart tabulated from the data submitted by over 300 international broadcasters. The chart can be located by visiting and selecting Airplay from the left hand menu.

News Items Share your news and events! The Roots Music Association invites members to share news items, festival and special events,  new and upcoming cd release information, industry issues and concerns, etc with us at We will assist you helping to spread the word via our website, the monthly newsletter and our very own MySpace page located at:

As always: The Roots Music Association was created to be a voice, and it truly belongs to its collective membership. We welcome your input and ideas as it will be your participation that decides our direction and focus. We have an open door policy and not only welcome your involvement but encourage and anticipate it!

Your RMA Executive Council

Internet Radio Equality Bill text

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Internet Radio Equality Bill text
The full text of the bill introduced on the floor of Congress today can be found here:

The Internet Radio Equality Act (.pdf) has just been introduced (in mid-afternoon) by Representative Jay Inslee (D-WA, pictured right) and eight cosponsors, with more cosponsors on the bill expected shortly.

The bill has five major provisions:

  • Nullifies the recent decision of the CRB judges
  • Changes the royalty rate-setting standard that applies to Internet radio royalty arbitrations in the future so that it is the same standard that applies to satellite radio royalty arbitrations — the 801(b)(1) standard that balances the needs of copyright owners, copyright users, and the public (rather than “willing buyer / willing seller”). (For more detail on this point, read the recent RAIN issue on “Copyright law,” here.)
  • Instructs future CRBs that the minimum annual royalty per service may be set no higher than $500.
  • Establishes a “transitional” royalty rate, until the 2011-15 CRB hearing is held, of either .33 cents per listener hour, or 7.5% of annual revenues, as selected by the provider for that year. Those rates would be applied retroactively to January 1, 2006. (The logic behind this rate, incidentally, is an attempt to match the royalty rate that satellite radio pays for this royalty — thus the name of the bill.)
  • Expands the Copyright Act’s Section 118 musical work license for noncommercial webcasters to enable noncomms to also perform sound recordings over Internet radio at royalty rates designed for noncommercial entities, and sets an transition royalty at 150% of the royalty amount paid by each webcaster in 2004 for their “musical works” royalty (i.e., to ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC).

Now that the bill has been introduced, the “call to action” is specific and direct: The site is now asking listeners to call their Representative and ask him/her to “cosponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act, introduced by Representative Jay Inslee.” Once listeners click the “Call Your Representatives” button on the site and enter their zip code, they are given their Representative’s House office phone number and a list of “talking points” to emphasize.

A copy of the bill in its current form (without an “H.R. ____” number attached to it yet), in .pdf form, is available here. More details tomorrow in RAIN.

Bipartisan House Bill Would Nullify New Webcast Royalty Rates

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BREAKING NEWS: Internet Radio Equality Act legislation introduced to Congress

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 Please visit and actively encourage your representatives to co-sponsor this bill.

Internet Radio Outpaces Satellite, HD Radio In Latest Bridge Study

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April 25, 2007
Bridge Ratings has released a new update to its ongoing study of digital media options. In its newest findings, Internet radio is outpacing satellite radio and HD Radio in terms of growth. According to the latest study, 25 percent of Americans have listened to Internet radio in the last 30 days. Bridge estimates that by the end of 2007, monthly Internet radio listenership will hit 31 percent of the U.S. population, growing to 38 percent by the conclusion of 2008.

Bridge also found that the percentage of Internet radio listeners enjoying simulcasts of terrestrial radio is also growing, with 25 percent of those who had listened in the past 30 days tuning into a simulcast. However, the study authors are quick to note, “This presumes that terrestrial radio will continue to offer at least its current volume of programming on-line and will not be reduced due to the prohibitive nature of the proposed royalty rates. Should the Copyright Royalty Board’s recommendations go forward unaltered, these figures could be greatly affected to a lesser degree.”

Meanwhile, satellite radio growth is “at a tepid pace and is cooling with each month’s analysis.” Bridge expects the satcasters to only add 3.4 million subscribers this year, down from initial projections of 3.9 million. The newest estimates put Sirius at 8.1 million subs and XM at 8.96 million at the end of 2007.

Bridge says that HD Radio is the “most disappointing” media covered in their study, as consumer awareness grows but interest in it is slowing. When asked about HD Radio, respondents said they had “little or no interest at this time” as their top answer, followed by “don’t see a need” and “not aware of its benefits.” Bridge has also adjusted its predictions for HD Radio, expected no more than 500,000 users by the end of this year and just over a million at the start of 2009.

More extensive results from the Bridge survey, including statistics on terrestrial radio, podcasting and cell phones, can be found here.

Upcoming Release – Richard Thompson – Sweet Warrior – May 29th

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“Needle And Thread” Streaming Audio:

ANGELES, CA – Richard Thompson, the “guitar god” (Chicago Sun-Times) whose “official catalogue… is a long trail of genius” (Rolling Stone), will add a new album to that illustrious body of work with Sweet Warrior, out May 29 from Shout! Factory. The disc is his first work of all-new material since 2005’s Front Parlour Ballads, and his first electric disc since 2003’s The Old Kit Bag.
  The album plays like a book of short stories set to music, populated with characters like a mournful widower whose “love makes her bed/where poppies grow over her head” (“Poppy-Red”), a divorcee who sarcastically reassures his wife that “when your friends point out you’re stuck with/a Neanderthal for an ex/don’t fret about it, darling/I still sign my name on cheques” (“Mr. Stupid”), a dissolute husband and wife each cheating on the other yet wearily resigned to “the job of man and wife” and “the old comforts of the missionary life” (“Johnny’s Far Away”) and in the album’s standout track, “Dad’s Gonna Kill Me,” a terrified young soldier stationed in Baghdad (abbreviated “Dad”) pondering his own mortality: “I’ve got a wife, a kid, another on the way/I might get home if I can live through today/Before I came out here I never used to pray/Nobody loves me here.”Of “Dad’s Gonna Kill Me,” Thompson tells the San Diego Union Tribune that “sometimes you just have to name names. There’s a time and place for political music, a time to stand up and name the despots, and say: ‘People take to the streets, it’s time for the revolution.’ There’s a time for Neil Young to say ‘Impeach the President.’ And, God, this is the time.” However, lest fans think this is a purely a political album, he reminds the Associated Press that “It’s kind of a war record, not just political war but also domestic war or relationship war. There’s a sweetness to it as well.” Musically, Thompson is in top form, reminding fans why Rolling Stone voted him one of the top 20 guitar players of all time with his gorgeously arranged solos and “dazzling fusion of rock, country, jazz, classical, Celtic, and Middle Eastern styles” (San Diego Union Tribune). The songs cover a range of sounds, from the gentle, late-afternoon ballad “Too Late To Come Fishing,” to the bluesy, barn-burning rocker “Bad Monkey” and even the ska-inflected “Francesca,” complete with horn section.

Co-produced by Richard Thompson and Simon Tassano and recorded in late 2006, Sweet Warrior includes frequent musical collaborators Danny Thompson, Michael Jerome, Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek), Judith Owen, and others. Sweet Warrior will be available May 29, 2007.

Official Site: