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It’s that time again – -the good folks at IBWIP have another top notch artist to share with you in their latest episode: Scott H. Biram. They’re also added some great supplemental features that are designed to not only entertain listeners but educate as well! Another awesome effort!

By Andrew Hughes | August 1, 2007

Those bastards at IBWIP bring you another installment of the greatest REAL country music podcast around. Episode #4 is jam packed with music from Scott H. Biram, Rattlesnake Deer, and Wayne “The Train” Hancock. We have a special interview with Scott, and have a new album review segment from our friend Jared Morningstar. He will be reviewing Wayne’s album Tulsa. We are also premiering our new show intro song, “It Burns, Burns, Burns” from our good friends Rattlesnake Deer. And if that wasn’t enough we have a voicemail from Spiceboy who is on The Bubba The Love Sponge Show. Make sure to check us out at MySpace!

Any questions? call (309) 761-4227.

Check out the site for lots of updates!
http://www.section86.com/ IBWIP Episode #0004


icon for podpress  It Burns When I Pee #0004 [49:32m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download


Baker Street Radio (Blues Podcast from France)


Part One http://www.radiobakerstreet.com/baker_15_july_21h.mp3

Part Two: http://www.radiobakerstreet.com/baker_15_july_22h.mp3


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