How to Submit

If you want to send a CD for review/airplay please contact us at for further information .

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  1. Have you seen Dale Watson’s new video for “Justice For All”?

    It’s up here on You Tube. I thought it might be good for your blog.



  2. Hi Kevin, I added it for you

  3. thanks for taking the time to check out the blue voodoo disc and placing the youtube link at this site. it is appreciated

    bryon tosoff
    voodoohead productions
    thebluevoodoo manager/promoter
    white rock

  4. Sir;

    Be came aware of your site through Little Dog Records, We will be submitting our new CD Release for review;

    Many Thanks

    D. Harold Crosby/President
    Traveler Enterprises

  5. Hi there,

    I wanted to reach out to you regarding Christopher Denny. He’s got one of the most distinctive voices we’ve heard in a long time…interesting life story as well.

    His debut “Age Old Hunger” was released August 7 on 2:59 Records. We are submitting a copy for your review. If you have the chance, please give it a listen…I’d definitely appreciate your thoughts. You can stream some tracks here:

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


    Brendan Gillen
    Sacks & Co.

  6. Hi there,

    Hope all’s well. I wanted to check in to make sure you received the Christopher Denny record in the mail. His song “Time,” in my opinion one of the best on the record, was featured recently on AOL’s Spinner as an “MP3 of the Day.” There is also a three-star review of his record in American Songwriter.

    Talk soon,
    Brendan Gillen
    Sacks & Co.

  7. Hi Brendan — it hasnt arrived as of yet. Mail sometimes tends to drag across the northern border — but it should be here anyday now….


  8. Greg Philippi is a Producer in Los Angeles. He also does entertainment marketing and promotion and is always looking for new and exciting projects( Oh yeah, that’s me. But that’s not why I am writing. That was a shameless plug…and an attempt to keep my sense of humor high. Currently I am working with Americana artist Trevor McShane in the promotion/marketing area ( I believe we already sent a copy of his latest disc but thought I’d double check.I also wanted to encourage anyone who’s reading this to please sign his website guest book. He’s lonely. Trevor’s got a couple tunes that are garnering some web and commercial radio airplay (“Moonlight & Roses”, “Holdin’ Me Back” and “Port of Call” currently). His new CD Dizzy even features a tune penned by a songwriter who’s written hits for Elvis (“Dizzy”). Of course Trevor doesn’t sound like Elvis…He sounds like Trevor. We finally got a few of his videos up on You Tube. One from his first release features David Carradine…but alas he doesn’t do any of those kung fu moves from his past. How do you recommend I send copies of a few of his videos? Are you even interested in seeing them and if so should I just send links? Sorry about the rambling email. Time for a coffee break. Great site by the way.
    Greg Philippi
    Managing Partner
    East of Sideways Music
    Greg’s site;

  9. Katie Madonna Lee Says:

    Hello All!

    Did of any of you see the fan made video for Loretta Lynn’s “Woman’s Prison”? I posted a video for “Woman’s Prison” from Van Lear Rose, check it out by copying and pasting the link:


  10. Hello!

    Please check out my new country album. You can hear samples of all 9 songs at:

    Please let me know what you think. I am always interested in what other people have to say about my music.

    Thank you!

    Jonny Allenwood

  11. Good Day;

    Dropped in to say Howdy and let you know we have a new Video out “BAMBOO CASTILE”

    Thanks for the help in thepast and God Bless;

    Harold Crosby

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