Recommended Online Radio Stations

Better Days Radio Vancouver BC – Thursdays 10-12 p.m. PST

Roots music unlimited: original stories, roadtrips, porchlight on, home by midnight. Hosts: Doug Lang, Ruth Leibik. with Doug Lang

Texas Exile Radio

UK-based and produced by a Texan far from home, Texas Exile Radio broadcasts eclectic, edgy, twangy Country and Americana music 24 hours a day through We are not a commercial thing; we exist simply to share with a wider audience our passion for quality roots music — and perhaps in some small way to bridge the 5000 miles between here and Texas.

Our format is flexible. We really like traditional and neo-trad styles — twang and whine are your friends! 😉 — but, in the end, we choose our playlists solely on the principle that TExR should be just what we want to hear on Country radio but usually don’t. (That’s where the non-commercial thing becomes a bonus.) In any given hour you’re likely to hear a lotta hard twang, some crying steel, some jams from the Austin and Red Dirt scenes, an old-style classic or two, some gravelly Alt-Country, a touch of Buffett and friends — even a few songs from those rare Nashville types who still recall what Country music’s s’posed to sound like!


10 Responses to “Recommended Online Radio Stations”

  1. Come on where is Radio Free Texas?

  2. This is a new addition so we’re adding as we go….we’ll make sure Radio Free Texas gets an entry.

    For others who are wanting to share their favorite online stations just drop a message here or send us an email at and we’ll make sure to add them as well…


  3. Don’t forget about WSM’s webstream

  4. TCB on Live365 is my favorite internet station right now. Honky Tonk Heaven is good and so is Ram Radio, though the latter’s programming is only six hours long.

    Any chance TCB will turn some of their Live365 braodcasts into podcasts? There’s a lot of music y’all play that isn’t available for download, specifically 3 Ring Rodeo and The Insiders.

  5. Thanks Chip for the encouragement and feedback. Podcasts are actually something we’re seriously considering…its simply a matter of trying to figure out the ‘how to’ part of the answer….we’d love to take on the challenge…if anyone out there in cyberspace can point us in the right direction we’d be much obliged….

  6. West of Texas Says:

    A few others that are good on Live 365 are Country Shuffle Mania, Country Planet and Gear Jammin’ Gold (all your favorite truckin’ songs).

  7. Don’t forget 😉

  8. They are all great and should be applauded loudly for their efforts. If any of you are in the mood for a listen and or submission. Please feel free to have at it. Happy Holidays to all.


  9. The CountryBear has been keeping real country music alive for years!

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